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February 20-23, 2020

You’re in the STITCHES Market, surrounded by booths filled with stunning yarns, colorful fibers, beautifully crafted tools, and exciting patterns. What an inspiring place!

Why not set an hour aside and take a Market Session to enhance your experience? Get started with mosaic knitting, stranded colorwork, or intarsia. Hone your skills in brioche, miters, and short rows. Discover ways to knit in both directions, correct mistakes, or pairing increases.

Explore the mysteries of double knitting, entrelac, or maybe Tunisian Crochet. You could even set down your needles and hooks to try weaving or learn a few sewing techniques.

Market Sessions give you a taste of a technique, so you can decide if you’ll go back for seconds or say, “No thanks!”

ONLY $25 per session! Purchase before February 19, 2020 for FREE entry to
the Market all weekend
—Thursday evening and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Sponsored by...

Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

Don’t forget to bring your supplies to your session. Materials needed are listed with the session description.

What is a Market Session?

supplies generously donated by...